(a.k.a. T1)

Castille is the starting town. It contains stores for equipment and gems, and a church, where you sacrifice trophies for exp and get quests that you can complete for gold. Curious rodents near the town fountain gaze upon you before quickly scurrying away, maybe a sign of the Ship Rat infestation in the adjacent Abandoned Docks... but no matter, you will dispose of them easily enough. Equipment from levels 0-3 and 12-15 can be found here.


The Armory
Armors and Shields

The Pet Store
Whips, Aura Gems, White Gems, and Pets

The Magic Shop
Potions, Staves, Death and Psych Magic Gems

The General Store
Weapons, Tradeskill Tools, Travel Gear, and Resins

The Inn
Bows, Quivers, Arrows and Green Gems

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