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Nodiatis offers a wide range of classes, each unique in their own way. Each class confers a bonus to a particular skill set or in-game attribute, causing members of certain classes to tend to pursue specific builds (e.g. a Beastmaster dual-wielding whips). All skills that say "up to X%" are up to said percent with both Class Enhancement available at the beginning of the game, Class Specialization available after reaching level 20, and Secondary Specialization after reaching level 40. Some classes even allow the usage of class-specific gems. In addition to boosting the rate of active experience gains in certain Stats, all classes will also have a penalty in active experience gains in other Stats. Magic-based ("caster") classes tend to have relatively large bonuses to Magic and Recovery, but smaller bonuses or even penalties in Melee and Defense. In addition to Stat modifications, each class has its own "class ability", an action that can be used only once in a set amount of cooldown time but can potentially turn the tide of a battle in your favor. This cooldown duration is halved if your character has the Accel upgrade.

Class Name Melee Magic Defense Recovery Additional Bonus(es) Class Ability
Warrior +20% -20% +10% -5% +5% (up to 15%) Max Melee Damage Upurs - Deal damage to and mesmerize your enemy target. 2 minute cooldown.
Druid +0% +10% -13% +5% +5% (up to 15%) bonus to all green magic effects. Can use resurrection gems at level 20. Treant Grasp - Summons the power of treant allies to deal damage to your target. 4 minute cooldown.
Ranger +10% +10% -13% -5% +2% (up to 6%) bonus damage to minimum and maximum ranged damage. +3% (up to 9%) bonus to all green magic effects. Acid Rain - Rains poison on all your enemies, double damage to single targets. 4 minute cooldown.
Guardian +5% -20% +20% +0% +4% (up to 12%) chance to block. Guard - Provides a long-lasting protective barrier over yourself or friendly target. 2 minute cooldown.
Warlock -17% +20% -17% +20% +5% (up to 15%) bonus to death magic direct damage. Lifedraw - Deal damage to your target which heals your friendly target for an equal amount. 2 minute cooldown.
Magician -17% +25% -17% +15% +3% (up to 9%) bonus to blue and red magic effects. Firecoil - Deals direct damage with an additional burning effect on all enemies, double damage to single targets. 6 minute cooldown.
Necromancer -13% +20% -17% +15% +5% (up to 15%) bonus to all black magic effects. Expunge - Place a damage over time disease on your target that also causes a heal over time effect on your friendly target. 6 minute cooldown.
Paladin +5% +0% +10% -13% +8% (up to 24%) bonus to beneficial auras. Can use resurrection gems at level 30. Sacrifice - Gives a large portion of your health to your target friend. Heals for a lesser amount when used on self. 6 minute cooldown.
Archer +20% +20% -17% -17% +5% (up to 15%) bonus to maximum ranged damage. Shackle - Weighted chains deal pulverizung damage and stun your target. 3 minute cooldown.
Priest -17% +20% -17% +20% +5% (up to 15%) bonus to all healing. Can use resurrection gems at any level. Ray of Light - Instantly heal all party members for a massive amount. Heals for slightly more if you are the only target. 10 minute cooldown.
Trader +5% -5% +0% +0% -25% (up to -75%) reduction to the tax on player to player gold transactions. Also receives 5 (up to 15) extra auction slots. Gouge - Reach for your target's coinpurse but jab them in the eye instead causing damage and up to 10 seconds of blindness. 4 minute cooldown.
Craftsman +10% -9% +5% -5% +15% (up to 45%) bonus to experience gains in all Crafting and Artistry skills. Crafty - Throw a toxic resin at your foe which deals massive damage and attempts to escape from combat if the damage does not kill them. 5 minute cooldown.
Vampire +5% -5% +0% +0% +5% (up to 15%) of damage dealt with melee, ranged and pet attacks are given to the vampire's HP. Immortal Clutch - Drink the blood of your target dealing damage and making you unable to be killed for up to 10 seconds. 6 minute cooldown.
Angel -17% +20% -17% +20% +5% (up to 15%) bonus to all white magic effects. Can use resurrection gems at any level. Arise - Brings back to life a fallen ally even while in combat or acts as a massive heal on living targets. 20 minute cooldown.
Dark Knight +10% -9% +10% -9% 2% (up to 6% with class-enhancing skills) bonus to all melee, ranged and pet attack damage, a 7% (up to 21%) bonus to all detrimental auras, and a flat 3% bonus to all non-aura detrimental effects vs. player targets. Plague Cloud - Infects all enemies with a damaging disease, double damage to single targets. 6 minute cooldown.
Wizard -17% +20% -17% +20% +4% (up to 12%) bonus to all direct damage magic. Call of Lightning - Call down a pillar of lightning on your target dealing damage and placing a devampiric mana and energy aura on them for a short period. 4 minute cooldown.
Regener -13% -13% +0% +30% +8% (up to 24%) bonus to base HP, Mana, Energy regeneration. Regenesis - Regenerate additional health, mana, and energy for 10 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
Beastmaster +0% +0% -9% +10% +8% (up to 24%) bonus to all pet attacks and heals. Scent of Blood - Your pets gore your target causing severe bleeding. 4 minute cooldown.
Tactician +10% -9% -9% +10% +3% (up to 9%) bonus to both preventing and performing parries. Crossed Spear - Via a peyote-induced meditative state you guard yourself with ethereal spears and become invulnerable to damage for up to 10 seconds. 5 minute cooldown.
Trapper +10% -9% +0% +0% +15% (up to 45%) bonus to experience gains in all resourcefulness skills. Entangle - Deal a damaging attack that slows your target's attacks for 10 seconds. 4 minute cooldown.
Adventurer +3% -3% +3% -3% +3% (up to 9%) bonus to all experience gains. Lollygag - Always passively reduces your chance of encountering enemy creatures while traveling. Also allows you to tickle enemies once a minute with plants you collect along your merry way.
Weapon Master +20% -20% -5% +10% +3.5% (up to 10.5%) bonus to all melee damage. Hellpen - Increases your melee haste significantly for 10 seconds. 5 minute cooldown.
Rogue +20% -5% -20% +10% +10% (up to 30%) bonus to minimum melee damage. +3% (up to 9%) poison gem damage. Backstab - Deals a high amount of damage to target with an added poison if target is already poisoned. 3 minute cooldown.
Alcoholic +10% -23% +20% +0% +33% (up to 99% in class enhancing skills)chance to be buzzed instead of dazed and gets a 5% (up to 15%) increase to potion effects. Dragon Breath - With the aide of alcohol you breath fire on your target. 2 minute cooldown.
Jeweler -13% +10% -9% +15% +5% (up to 15%) bonus to rate in which gems are drawn during combat. +1% (up to 3%) bonus to all colored gem effects. Gemstorm - Immediately put into play as many random gems as possible. 4 minute cooldown.
Enchanter -17% +20% -17% +20% +5% (up to 15%) bonus to all grey magic effects. Entrance - Stuns your target for up to 5 seconds dealing minute damage and mesmerizes all other enemies for up to 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.

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